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For Healthcare

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Your Go-To
Web Nerds.

We build fast, secure, mobile-friendly websites that Google loves. We're really good at it, and that's all we do.

Customers love us because we are easy to work with, have a high level of expertise, and believe in transparency.

Marketing agencies love us because we know how to help them, help their customers succeed.

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Website Builds
and Upgrades

Technology changes quickly. We find the sweet spot between the "New Hotness" and "Best Practices" to achieve the optimal outcome.

We build with Jamstack

The Jamstack architecture is designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It enables sites and applications to be delivered with greater confidence and more resilience than ever before.

Google loves our sites

Jamstack sites are purpose built to meet Google's SEO Criteria. The Jamstack is fast, secure, reliable and delivers a great user experience.

If you want to learn more, checkout this article on


tech stack material uitech stack material ui

Material UI is a design framework built by Google, for Google. We've adopted the Material framework for its design flexibility, stability and performance.

Tech Stack ReactJSTech Stack ReactJS

React was created by Facebook in 2011 for it's own use. Today it is the most used web framework in the world and the foundation for Jamstack.

Tech Stack GatsbyTech Stack Gatsby

Gatsby is the secret sauce that makes websites built using React even faster.

Tech Stack SanityTech Stack Sanity

Sanity is a modern content platform. It's an industry leading solution that we use to manage content on the sites we build.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation for successful Local Search performance.

We bake SEO into every site we build.

SEO is not an afterthought or a simple plugin that we install on your website. It's a critical factor in every design and technology decision. Google has over 250 ranking factors in their search algorithm. Many of the top ranking factors rely on expert level technical implementation of best practices and purposeful attention detail.

We know how to make sure that Google loves your website so that you and your marketing agency are set up for success.

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Web Analytics

We have you covered with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager.

If you can measure it, you can improve it.

We set up these industry-standard tools to track and manage performance measures and provide you with full access.

Consulting Services

Technical Consultation

Think of us like a financial advisor for all things related to your website and presense online. Instead of investment strategies, we can explain how to remain HIPAA compliant, how Google's Recatch stops form spam, and why duplicate content on your website will earn you an SEO penalty from Google.


We have partnerships with marketing companies and service providers that can help where we can't. We know what we are good at and like to stay in our lane.

Who We Work With.

After 30 years in the web industry and 10+ years working with Healthcare Providers, we've learned to be focused and picky about who we work with.

Direct clients

We are a good fit for small to medium-sized medical practices that need a professional, reliable website that ranks well in local markets.

Marketing Agencies

Because we are not a one-stop shop, we work with marketing agencies that rely on us to build and manage their websites. In many cases, we are completely behind the scenes.

"On Behalf Of" Clients

We manage the website and the marketing agency runs the campaigns. Some clients don't want their agency to control all of their digital assets. In our opinion, this is a good option because it gives you more stability and control.


Our pricing is simple and transparent.

Site Builds


We will refresh your existing design, convert your site to the modern Jamstack architecture, and optimize your site for

  • Mobile

  • Performance

  • Stability

  • Security

  • Local Search and SEO

  • Compliance

Site builds include up to 12 pages of your existing content & media.

Additional pages and custom development quoted.


$325 / Month

Site Hosting

You site is published on a nationwide content delivery network to ensure visitors and Google search bots are happy.

Site Upgrades

We constantly improve our platform and ensure that our customer sites are updated and implementing best practices.

Analytics and Reporting

You'll have full access to Google analytics and search console. We will implement any custom tracking you need through Google Tag Manager.

Other management services include:

  • Content Management

  • Consulting

  • Technical Support

  • Customer Support


$350 / Hour

We do our best to ensure that our basic website management plan has you covered.

Sometimes you may need a bit more. For example:

  • Local SEO training

  • CRM Integration Projects

  • Custom Development Projects

  • Marketing Agency Support

  • Partner Evaluation

  • Third-Party Service and Solution Evaluation

Large Projects, Contract Work, Agency Partnerships, and more...

If you need our expertise, we can help. Let's chat and either get you a quote or point you in the right direction.

Who We Are

We've made the rounds at Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley Startups. Now, we leverage our experience and our network to help a small number of amazing clients succeed.

As a family-run business, we've created a work culture with our team and partners that emphasizes: a growth mindset, empathy, and a healthy work/life balance.

When not working you'll find us on the ski slopes, hiking, mountain biking, or whatever the weather allows in Southwest Montana. We love to travel and enjoy towing our Airstream around in search of adventure.

We'd love to learn more about you!

About Us JennyAbout Us Jenny
Jen Whitaker
Founder and CEO

Jen is an entrepreneur who speaks fluent nerd talk, a critical skill in this business. Jen has more than 20 years of marketing, management, and production experience. She loves a good Zoom call. It's a chance to listen, plan, organize and kick things into action.

Paul WhitakerPaul Whitaker
Paul Whitaker
Chief Technical Advisor

Paul is our chief nerd. He has more than 20 years of experience as a technology leader across industries including telecom, games and healthcare. He has expertise in visual and UI design, SEO, development, engineering and management.

The CrewThe Crew
The Interns
Aspiring Builders & Designers

Current training mediums include snow and LEGO. Self-sufficient children of business owners who gladly take pizza as payment for a job well done.

Our Team

We have a full time staff based in the US and Abroad. Additionally, we have a large network of contract talent, advisors and consultants to draw on.

Full-Time Staff
Designers, Developers, Writers and Producers. We are always on the lookout for talented folks who want to join a dynamic team that likes to work hard and values good work / life balance.

Network of Side Hustlers
In today's world, leveraging a network of professionals that use side hustles as an outlet for learning, creativity, and a little side cash is a great way to access top talent that is typically out of reach. Our time in the industry and the years we've spent in Silicon Valley have given us a deep network to draw from. This includes:

  • Full Stack Developers

  • Professional Writers

  • Visual and UI Design Pros

  • SEO Luminaries

  • Website Producers

Mentors and Advisors
Digital marketing and the healthcare industry change quickly. Over the years we've developed a network of advisors with deep knowledge in healthcare, digital marketing, and development to ensure we continue learning and can bring the latest best practices to our customers.

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